Yefim Fiks SDPU (u) member of Ukrainian parliament commenting on Yushchenko’s statement regarding the necessity of investment breakthrough noted that it was nothing but just words.

“It was also proved by yesterday session of Verkhovna Rada. Suddenly the Cabinet was appeared to miscalculate the needs of Pension Fund and the pensioners would be deprived of $320 million. What is the investment breakthrough you speak about if the government cannot calculate the pension needs?” asked he.

He thinks that not the investment breakthrough but the power efficiency should be discussed. “There is a proverb: considering the issue from the theoretic point of view, it is a horse but, taking into account the practise, it is falling. Our politics and the leadership of the country remind this proverb,” mentioned Fiks.

He is sure there will not be any investment breakthrough in the nearest future. “What kind of the breakthrough is we talking about if everybody is told about re-privatization, deprivation, corresponding court decisions and redistribution of the property. The Acts of Ukraine touching upon the free economic zones is abolished and the conditions for the domestic economy to fall into abyss as quick as possible,” mentioned he.

He added that the normal investor “cannot come to Ukraine in such situation.” “So Yushchenko’s statement makes everybody just smile,” concluded the member of the parliament Yefim Fiks.


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