Commenting on the gas dispute with Russia, Verkhovna Rada deputy Olexander Volkov has made a sensational declaration.

In the Parliament’s lobby, in front of the working cameras Volkov declared: “Russia had determined its position concerning Ukraine long ago. Ukraine had declared that it would go to CEA (Common Economic Area – ed.). Two months later Ukraine declared it would go to NATO and the EU. I can say the only thing: acting such a way Ukraine goes neither to NATO nor to the EU. Ukraine goes to hell.”

“For those journalists, who have problems with their ears, I repeat: Ukraine goes to hell,” added he.

In response to the question what party he represents, Volkov answered ‘party of dicks-bagels’, then turned round and left.

Olexander Volkov is out-of-faction deputy of Ukrainian Parliament. Volkov held the post of President’s adviser during Kuchma’s period of office.


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