The response reads:

“Our Ukraine election bloc is absolutely right stating that it was not practised under the time of Yanukovich’s period of office. The government of that time did not even dare to propose the inevitable death to its population and moreover it never asked people to vote for the death in the referendum. Certainly, Victor Yanukovich never practised it. Yushchenko’s proposal to build one more the spent fuel store for foreign countries is more cynical than the appeal of Valentina Shevchenko the leader of Soviet Ukraine to take part in the Labour Day demonstration downright after Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986.

The principal position of the Party of Regions is that we stand for protection of the population from the realization of President’s idea to turn Ukraine in European dust hole of nuclear waste. We do fight for this position by all means. And we do not care whether Our Ukraine election headquarters press service like it or not. We stand guard over the interests of people. That is why we cannot act another way."


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