In an interview for the First Television Channel, Victor Yushchenko stressed that no nuclear waste from other countries would be stored in the Chornobyl zone. However, he added, Ukraine should open a new depot for its own processed nuclear fuel.

“Let us frankly say that all Chornobyl projects are not being developed. It is time Ukraine should be active in each problem caused by the Chornobyl accident,” he said, reiterating that a new depot had not been built for years.

“We say we need to make a political decision. We must immediately complete its construction. The word ‘immediately’ means we should have this depot in 2010,” Yushchenko stressed, reminding that Ukraine also faced the problem to store its nuclear fuel.

“It is quite logical to ask experts to consider possibilities to store not only CNPP's waste but also processed fuel from other nuclear power plants of Ukraine,” he said, adding that this issue had both political and economic aspects, the political aspect being “extremely speculative.”

The President stressed that all problems of the CNPP should be discussed publicly. He said professional and rational government would never pay colossal money to other states for storing nuclear waste.

“Honest government should say: We have this problem, but we have these options. I will never make this decision secretly or under the table,” Yushchenko promised, assuring all there would be no “cemetery of nuclear waste from other countries” in Ukraine.


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