In an interview with the First Television Channel, Victor Yushchenko said he would not allowofficials to abuse their authority at 2006 elections, the President's press office reported.

“No executive office will work for the elections, no official’s car will. No budget hryvnya […] will be spent on political forces. I guarantee that,” he stressed.

Commenting on the participation of central and regional officials, Our Ukraine’s members, he opined that it would be logical to include only authoritative and popular personalities in the list.

“I would recommend the Political Council of our bloc to consider these issues, but they are exceptions rather than rules,” Yushchenko said noting that it concerned some governors and ministers.

In other cases, he added, state executives “must be committed to their profession and work on their posts.” The President also stressed that the state officials who wish to take part in the campaign should take a leave.


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