If Ukraine enters the World Trade Organization (WTO) it will cause no disastrous effect on the national fruit and vegetable market, this according to expert Andriy Yarmak, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP).

In his opinion, "the produce business of Ukraine is practically in the WTO. Import taxes decreased and no catastrophe took place".

However, A. Yarmak presumed that entry into the WTO will have definite negative consequences on the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable producers, but the influence is expected to be insignificant.

"The market will start to feel the consequences in a couple of months", A. Yarmak pointed out. At the same time the expert mentioned a couple of positive things, which will able to be implemented in the case of possible the WTO membership for Ukraine.

In particular, he indicated the simplified process of new varieties and hybrids registration, easier entry of input suppliers into the Ukrainian market, and broader sales channels in EU countries for fresh and processed produce of Ukrainian origin.


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