Ukrainian MP Taras Chornovil stated that with the current regime Ukraine is practically in a dead end, and there is no way out, Regnum NA reported.

"Gas prices and other corresponding things became clear when Ivchenko, who is well-known as an irresponsible and ignorant person, has been appointed as Head of state Oil and Gas company. And what awaited Boris Tarasyuk after his statement? It's a purposeful policy," thinks Chornovil.

According to Chornovil, Leader of Party of Ukraine Regions Viktor Yanukovich repeatedly stated during to his visit to Odesa and Mykolaiv that he had information on the possibility of such a situation. "And what was the reaction in mass media?

Yanukovich scares, but we're not scared. Moreover, we will make Russian kneel, by raising gas transit price. But Russia already decided that it will start the gas trade with Europe not on Ukraine-Slovakia or Ukraine-Poland borders, but on Russia-Ukraine border. So, will we make Europe kneel now?

Yushchenko knows it well, when he lies to Ukrainians. I'm sorry, but idiots can't call themselves patriots", said Chornovil.

"To return suitable prices for the Ukrainian economy, we must suffer heavy political losses. We will have to sign all that we previously contradicted - common free market zone with the political superstructure and other alliances with Russia and Byelorussia etc.

This is the result of incompetent and ignorant people's work," says Chornovil. "If the gas price rises higher than $130 per thousand cubic meters of gas, it means the stop of all chemistry industry, metallurgy that provides 45% of our export.

I understand that there will be no final collapse, but Ukraine will have to kneel and crawl to Russia. That is the result of Yushchenko's actions", concluded Chornovil.


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