“The mass repressions against illegal migrants having their aim to stir up existing xenophobia on the eve of the parliamentary election are in process,” said the member of BYuT faction Oleksandr Feldman.

“Being the leader of the National Cultural Unions Association of Ukraine, I receive lots of alarm signals from the suburbs and regions,” mentioned he.

Feldman stressed that “increasing number of ‘police battues’ in the Eastern Ukraine, the accusations the foreigners of typhoid infection in the Western of Ukraine, the hooligan provocations against non-native citizens of Ukraine – all that may be used in the black propaganda in the election campaign. The last events in France create the favourable ground for usage of dirty ethno-political technologies.”

Feldman reckons, that “normal state migration policy has nothing in common with current crackdown policy aimed to fight the consequences of the event but not the event itself.”

“Undoubtedly, the migration extremely needs to be put in order but first of all we must create the state policy system. The State Concept of Migration Policy sunk into parliamentary oblivion should be finally passed. The effective migration service must be created because Moskal was the single person who dared to work on it seriously. The decrees regulating the status of foreigners and the citizenship must be changed. The absence of proper legislative basis makes the migrants defenceless before the threat of corrupted law enforcement agencies and bureaucrats of all levels of power,” mentioned Feldman.

“The state must not play the role of Cerberus. Ukraine needs the qualitative, transparent, selective migration policy in order to overcome the population crisis,” added the member of BYuT faction.


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