Ukraine considers the parliamentary elections in Transdniester illegitimate, as declared Vasyl Fylypchuk, head of Foreign Ministry press office, during today’s press conference.

“The issue of democratization of Transdniestrian region and conduct of democratic parliamentary elections in the region was considering more than once during the meetings of mediators - Moldova, Transdniester, Ukraine, Russian Federation, OSCE -, and with the assistance of observers from EU and the USA. The mediators – representatives of Ukraine, RF, U.S. and OSCE – clearly stated their position that the elections to Supreme Council of Transdniester, held on December 11, are not recognized as legitimate,” he pointed out.

According to Fylypchuk, at the last meeting the mediators approved the initiative of Presidents of Moldova and Ukraine to send international estimating OSCE Mission to the region after the elections in order to analyze the situation and work out recommendations concerning conduct of free and democratic parliamentary elections in Transdniester.


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