Hong Kong hosts the sixth ministerial WTO conference, as reported Vasyl Fylypchuk, head of Foreign Ministry press office.

According to him, Ukrainian delegation, headed by Minister of Economy Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is taking part in the conference.

“We are expecting that the progress made by Ukraine concerning joining WTO will be appreciated on this meeting,” informed Fylypchuk.

Head of Foreign Ministry press office reminded that Ukraine had signed 39 bilateral WTO protocols. For the moment, Ukraine keeps negotiating with eight countries.

Fylypchuk underlined Australia and United States as prior countries. “We are expecting the protocols with these countries be signed in the near future,” said he.

In response to the question why the protocols with the eight countries are not signed yet, Fylypchuk has told that some countries make non-constructive suggestions; in particular, some countries demand Ukraine pay its debts, made at the beginning of formation of independent Ukraine.

Fylypchuk refused to name the countries, which demand the pay-off of debts.


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