The honorary World Boxing Champion Vitaly Klichko has recently become the number one of PORA-PRP election list. Speaking on his priorities, Klichko pointed out the mayor election as the preferable one, Express Lviv newspaper told.

In response to the question why he refused to join Yushchenko’s Party Our Ukraine and Timoshenko’s bloc, Klichko stressed that he did not aim to scrape to the parliament by all means. “Of course, I could have joined the high rate blocs and waited for mandate… But I do not want my name to be used. And I will not permit it. My target is to help ambitious people to win seats in the parliament not to be a member of it by myself. Moreover, now my priority is Kyiv mayor election,” explained the famous boxer.

According to his words, it was his own initiative to join PORA. But it was PORA which proposed him to be number one of its election list.

Answering the question whether he had a calling to work as a member of the parliament, Klichko stressed:”Of course, I feel that I do have the great potential. The only thing not giving me a rest is the lack of political experience; actually, I do not have anyone. However, it is only question of time. I am sure in my political potential.”

Klichko declared his readiness to fight for the post of Kyiv Mayor. In particular he said “I am ready! Frankly speaking, the sport gave me the opportunity to see all world as it is. I got to know how the laws functioning in the different countries. I’ve got close ties with the mayors of different cities and capitals – Hamburg, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles. I see what should be changed when I come back home. I am confident that Ukrainians deserve the better life according to the world standards.


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