The parliamentary faction of Narodna Party (People’s Party of Ukraine) initiates the formation of Parliamentary Investigation Committee on Ukrnafta’s purchase of the filling station network, faction member Vasyl Nadraha told.

“The problem is that the real price of the network was $200,000, but that purchase was overpriced by four or five times,” said Nadraha.

It should be noticed that Ukranafta State Enterprise are under total control of Privat Group owning 42% of its shares. The last time they are known to have close relations with Yulia Timoshenko, particularly in division of Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant. So, it is not a surprise that under PM Timoshenko, Ukrnafta management purchased the filling stations belonged to Privat’s business structures by the state money.

After that Timoshenko may repeat time and again about Ukraine’s interests and the fight against corruption and tycoons.


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