Due to joint efforts of French and Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, embassies and special services Ukrainian seamen of Panagia ship were released form the pirate captivity .
Twenty two Ukrainians have landed in Boryspol airport form Turkey today. NSDCU Secretary Anatoly Kinakh met them in the airport. “This day is the holiday for everyone here – we welcome the crew which got over many severe trials with the help of the President of Ukraine and the special services and finally returned to their families and relatives,” said NSDCU Secretary Kinakh. He also mentioned the release of the seamen had the great moral meaning. Ukraine, as the independent country, should consolidate state policy of citizen rights protection irrespective their location. The seamen’s courage and command spirit demonstrated under the extreme conditions, won the high appraisal of the Secretary of National Security Defence Council of Ukraine.

According to Kinakh, Ukraine forms the information system for the monitoring of Ukrainian ships in all over the world. There are more than 1,000 Ukrainian crews in the world shipping. “There is the great probability that such situations will repeat in the future,” mentioned Kinakh.

He on behalf of Ukraine suggested treating the pirate attacks as terrorist acts.

Ukraine did not pay a cent to release the crew, NSDCU Vice-Secretary Vasyl Krutov told. The ransom was paid by Seagull Insurance Company which had hired the crew.


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