Head of Russian “Gazprom” Aleksey Miller declares that if a contract on gas supply to Ukraine for 2006 year is not signed, gas supply will be ceased.

“Absence of the contract will mean cessation of gas supply for Ukraine,” declared Miller in an interview to “Delo” magazine, published on Monday.

He also mentioned that in this case gas would be delivered “in accordance with our international liability and in the volume, necessary for satisfaction of needs of European consumers.”

“If Ukraine takes gas without approval, in other words, steals gas, this country will be fully responsible for reduction of gas supply to Europe,” noted he.

Miller pointed out that the price “160 dollars” is “step-by-step increase” of the gas price for Ukraine. “If it was not step-by-step, the price would be 230 dollars,” he added.

Head of “Gazprom” refused to discuss gas prices for other countries, having referred to commercial secret.

Aleksey Miller underlined that “production of Ukraine’s metallurgical plants goes into Russian market with direct support of Ukrainian government and ousts Russian producers.”

“And what? At what cost is it being done? It is being done at the cost of Russian gas. Why should we do this? “Gazprom” receives less than its due. Our metallurgists suffer, our producers of chemical fertilizers suffer,” declared Miller.


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