Yesterday, December 8, Mikola Melnichenko took part in “This Is What I Think” TV show by Hanna Bezulyk. The Chairman of Temporary Parliamentary Investigation Committee on Cassette Scandal and Its Influence on National Safety Victor Drachevsky tried to question the major, but Melnichenko could not answer any question particularly. Instead of this he kept insisting on his independent participation in types recording in Kuchma’s cabinet.

At the begging of the program Victor Drachevsky handed Melnichenko a written invitation to the meeting of the Committee in order to answer backlog of questions directly in front of parliamentarians. The major took the invitation, but, according to the Committee Chairman, after the air Melnichenko crumpled the official paper and tried to return it to Drachevsky; guests of the program witnessed the incident.

Victor Drachevsky declared that he personally and all staff of the Committee regaard Melnichenko’s denial to appear before the Committee as demonstration of disrespect to the Parliament, the deputy’s press office informs ForUm.

During the air Drachevsky asked Melnichenko whether he was alone recording Kuchma’s talks, why had not he warned Gongadze about imminent crime, why is he waging war with Boris Berezovsky, though recently they had common interests. Drachevsky also asked about whereabouts of the main exhibit in the case – dictaphone. The major refused to answer this question also.

Victor Drachevsky stressed that “on Decenber 5, Melnychenko stated in Interfax-Ukraine press conference that he had not warned Gongadze because the notorious records did not contain Kuchma’s precise order to kill the journalist.” Drachevsky reckons that by these words Melnychenko himself declared the ineptitude of his statements and in fact put his signature under his own idle talk.”

Drachevsky also mentions that Melnichenko’s actions jeopardize Ukraine’s national safety because they are targeted not to participants of the case but to the power in force. And to a greater extent it is an attack on the President Yushchenko.

Melnychenko came back to disconsider the present leadership, Drachevsky told.


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