Yulia Timoshenko promises that in case if the BYuT wins the majority of seats in the Verkhovna Rada during the parliamentary elections,the practice of the repeated privatization of enterprises will be renewed in Ukraine. She stated this at the session of her bloc December 7, Hotline informs.

Yulia Timoshenko reminded that according to the program of Victor Yuschenko the money gained after the repeated privatization were to be spent on compensation of the losses of the depositors of the former Oshadbank of the Soviet Union.

Yulia Timoshenko pointed to the necessity to establish a strong middle class,secured with monetary resources. In her opinion, the way to ensure the establishment of such class is to decrease the cost of credits and to simplify the system of registration of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

She noted that exactly the bank system, which currently posses an extra storage of money, should help and support small businesses. She declared that in banks there would be created department responsible for assistance in writing a business plan, guiding the businessmen at the beginning of their activity, and for presentation of monetary resources. As a compensation, banks would be given certain privileged.


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