In Crimea, Victor Yushchenko visited the village of Nekrasivka, where several domestic birds had recently died of bird flu.

The Head of State met with residents of the quarantined village, veterinarians, officers of the Emergency Ministry, and soldiers.

In Nekrasivka, he also visited a medical station and assured all that the government would soon supply all six quarantined villages with necessary equipment and medications.

In his short interview with reporters, Yushchenko stressed that he had arrived in Crimea to express solidarity with the villagers and to demonstrate that the government is adopting all measures to solve the problem.

“In the past two days, we have taken radical measures to solve the problem. We declared a state of emergency andestablished a quarantine zone,” he said, adding thatthe problemcould be solved if government, citizens and journalists acted jointly. “What is important is to address this issue together.”

The President said we had successfully localized the threat and prevented the spread of bird flu. He informed those present that by the end of the day all domestic birds in the area would be confiscated. He added that by December 12 all residents of this area (60,000 people) would have been vaccinated. Yushchenko also said the quarantine would last about forty days, while the state of emergency might be repealed in two weeks.

When asked why veterinarian services had not responded adequately to the threat two months ago, the Head of State said they had failed to cope with the problem. He decided to dismiss Ukraine’s Chief Veterinarian Petro Verbytsky and urged the Crimean government tosack veterinarian officials of the autonomy.
The President of Ukraine ordered to impose 45 days quarantine in five villages captured with the bird flu.

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