Presenting the results of the last poll, the Head of Ukrainian Sociology Service Oleksandr Vyshnyak announced that the Party of Regions occupies the leading position of the election campaign.

According to the poll, the rate of the PR has increased by 8%.

”Wiping off all rivals, PR swallows up all blue-n-white electorate,” said Vyshnyak adding that was the reason of reduction of Progressive Socialist Party’s rate.

He also points out that jointly Yushchenko’s NSNU and BYuT outnumber PR so far, but the division reduces constantly.

”If the situation does not change, PR will leave behind both NSNU and BYuT,” confidently said the political scientist.

According to him, today PR may take 160-165 parliamentary mandates, NSNU – 90-95 ones, BYuT – 85-90, Communist Party – 30-35, Socialist Party – 30-35, Lytvyn’s Narodny Bloc – 26-30.

The All-Ukrainian poll of November 17-29, 2005 was held by Democratic Choice Fund and Ukrainian Sociology Service. 2,000 respondents (over 18) were interviewed. The statistic data precision does not exceed 2.2%.


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