Victor Yushchenko is going to meet with state officials to make sure his order on urgent measures to create favorable living conditions for people with particular needs, which he signed on June 1, 2005, is being implemented, the President's press office told.

Coming out in the meeting dedicated to the International Day of Disabled Persons, the President stressed that this was “one of the days when we should forget our own problems and attentively look at those people who live among us and need our help.”

“Almost two million disabled people live in our country, and we are obliged to do our best to make them feel the new government cares for them. We must work really hard so that disabled children should get necessary social aid. We should raise their pensions, create jobs and rehabilitation centers to make such people feel comfortable in streets of our cities and in public places,” he said.

In his address on the occasion of International Day of Disabled Persons, the Head of State thanked all people that “kindly try to solve problems of the disabled and whose example inspires others to act nobly.”


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