Twelve days have been passed but the Carbon miners are still underground waiting for their salary. Nineteen miners demand to pay three-month debt on wages. The coal mine keeps working in its ordinary regime.

The doctors and rescuers are on call in case of any emergency. The protesters are at a depth of 900 metres under the hardest conditions. One miner had a heart attack the last week. Another man was evacuated because of the stomach ulcer exacerbation. The protesters have no possibility of normal nutrition.

The directorship of private company renting the mine from the state tries to get rid of it and pass it to the Coal Ministry of Ukraine. The Director General of the firm being in Kyiv has almost set the problem of transfer of the mine to the state. Ukraine’s Coal Ministry agrees to take it back under condition of conversion. It means that the Carbon mine will be liquidated. The state will not pay the ex-owner’s debts so the miners are waiting for one of Luhansk coal enterprise to pay back its debts ($200,000) to Carbon.

Now KRU (Control and Revision Department of Ukraine) and the General Office of Public Prosecutor are checking the Carbon. The Carbon Director General has filed a suit against the miners. It accuses them of violation of the mining legislation. The representatives of other enterprises and mines have attended the Carbon and proposed the protesters new job.


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