Maydan greets the EU-Ukraine Summit with meeting of protest against Euro and Atlantic integration. About 8,000 are participating in the action.

The protesters are keeping flags of Progressive Socialist Party of Natalia Vitrenko, Bratstvo Party’s paraphernalia, Proryv (Breakthrough) civil organization and Crimean Youth Movement.

They are keeping transparencies “No to NATO! Yes to Union!” “Opening the door to Europe do not close the door to Russia,” “NATO for Yushchenko and the coffin form military registration and enlistment office for Mommy,” “The will of Ukrainian people is to be together with Russia and Belarus.”

The meeting is held against the EU-Ukraine Summit. The organizers of the protest accuse NATO of aggression towards Yugoslavia, the leadership of Ukraine – the pressure onto Russian Black Sea Fleet, the rehabilitation of OUN-UPA (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Ukrainian Rebel Army) and the veto of Sevastopol status.


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