SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) together with Federal Police of Argentina, Intelligence Service of Ukraine, law enforcement agencies of Uruguay and Portugal, Russian Drug Control and US Agency to Fight Drugs liquidated big cocaine trafficking channel from Argentina to Ukraine. The activity of the international criminal group including Ukrainians, Russians and Columbians were terminated.

Ukrainian General Department to Fight Corruption and Organized Crime along with Alfa special division detained three Ukrainians in Boryspil airport – two organizers of the international drug channel and one drug courier who had come from Argentina with two kilograms of cocaine. The drug currier carried semi-synthetic cocaine in two big tea packs. According to the Law of Ukraine, the person must be called to account for keeping of 0.02 g of cocaine.

The same day Argentinean police arrested another five citizens of Columbia - members of the network and seized 7.5 kg of cocaine in Argentina.


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