Coming out in today press conference, the leader of Party of Regions Victor Yanukovich questioned the reason which caused the new leadership to struggle to power.

“In my opinion, we’ve got more important problems in the country which must be resolved immediately but, unfortunately, we did not hear a word about it from the Orange team… Nobody told about the pressing problems. But everyone spoke how to win Yanukovich in the parliamentary election. But why do they want to win?” commented on the Orange Anniversary the leader of the Party of Regions.

“Why do they need power if they have failed to show Ukrainian society and the whole world the proper way to use this power? To persecute their opponents and to use power for pressure on the electorate?” asked Victor Yanukovich.

Moreover, he stressed that the power does not acknowledge the fact of existence of Ukrainian society which “will never accept such irresponsible power.” “What do they need such power for? I think the authorities will have got the answer in March, 2006. They will realize what kind of phenomenon Ukrainians are,” added Yanukovich.


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