At presidential hearings, Victor Yushchenko said, “I consider humanitarian policy to be a part of ournational security.”

“If we fail to appreciate the colossal value of our language, traditions, and history, we will lose all.Nowadays, states fall down not because of wars but because they forget their language, culture, and traditions,” he opined, the President's press offce reported.

The Head of State stressed that it was necessary to formulate and implement clear information policy. He said the biggest share of Ukraine’s media market was owned by few people, which is wrong for a democratic country.

“If there is no proper and transparent competition in this market, we will never hear the truth about what happens in the country and society,” Yushchenko stressed.

Speaking about the distribution of radio frequencies, the President said he hoped they would decide what to do with them by the end of 2005.

Then he spoke aboutproblems of Ukrainian publishers. The Head of State reiterated that next year’s budget provided for funds to support them. However, he warnedall not to hope for liberal taxes.

“All publishers ofUkrainian books will be encouraged and supported by the state, but all will pay taxes,” he pledged.

Commenting on the current state of our movie industry, Yushchenko said he was sure the state should help artists by ordering movies. One day, this industry will be profitable, he claimed.

The Head of State also said we should found new museums and restore ancient sights. He urged businessmen to take part in such projects


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