On November 26, Victor Yushchenko dedicated his fourth radio address to victims of genocide famines and political repressions in Ukraine.

“Today, we are officially commemorating this mournful day,” he said.

The Head of State ordered the government to announce a contest to choose the best design of a famine monument and the best script to make a movie about the famine. He also pledged to found a memorial institute and a famine museum in Ukraine.

The President urged Ukrainians to find eye-witnesses of those events to collect evidence.

“Eye-witnesses of that tragedy live among us. Record the history of your families and villages. Ask your neighbors and friends about the famine. History is what we can preserve,” he said.

Yushchenko also called on all regional officials to do that: “Each regional museum should open a memorial hall.”

Then the President reiterated that sixty-three countries had signed a UN declaration to acknowledge our famine as genocide. He delegated the Foreign Minister to more actively work with other UN members to persuade them to sign it.

“We should make the whole world acknowledge the famine as genocide against the Ukrainian nation,” he stressed, adding that this was the challenge of his generation of politicians.

“As long as it remains unacknowledged, humanity will not see the whole chain of genocides of the twentieth century,” he concluded.

Victor Yushchenko also urged all political forces to frankly admit that this famine was a crime against the Ukrainian people.


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