Vitaly Klichko does not exclude a possibility of his nomination for the post of Mayor of Kyiv, as declared the sportsman on the press conference, ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“I am a Kyiver, I live here and I love this city. Besides, I and Vladimir (Klichko – ed.) have wide experience in social projects,” pointed out Klichko.

He noted that he has “perfect personal contacts” with politicians and businessmen of the whole world and expressed a hope for his experience to be useful for Ukraine.

“I love Kyiv, and if Kyiv citizens support my initiatives I do not exclude the possibility of my nomination for the Mayor,” said Klichko, but, at the same time, he noted he is not ready to answer this question for certain.

Vitaly Klichko also mentioned that he has good enough relations with the actual Kyiv Mayor Oleksander Omelchenko.

Vitaly Klichko also touched upon the question of the present split of the new power. He said he does not understand “the reason of the artificial split of the democratic forces.”

According to him, in case political forces, headed by Yushchenko and Timoshenko, unite - and Klichko is sure that Yushchenko is able to make this – he will possibly nominate his candidature to support these forces.

“I have known Victor Andreevich for a long time and I respect Yulia Timoshenko,” pointed out Klichko.


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