At a press conference following Ukrainian-Polish negotiations, Victor Yushchenko said that at presidential hearings on November 28 he would call on all political forces to sign a memorandum to ensure transparent and fair elections in 2006. He added that the memorandum would stipulate some other measures, “which might consolidate Ukraine’s democratic political forces.”

“We understand that Ukraine is faced with another round of political changes, and so democratic parties should act responsibly and consistently,” he stressed. Victor Yushchenko said his political bloc, Our Ukraine, would consist of forces sharing last year's revolutionary ideals.

“This is a political initiative whose aim is to consolidate democratic forces before the 2006 parliamentary elections. All political forces that are committed to the Maidan ideals are welcome to join us,” he said.

The President said these elections would help speak about “the victory of democracy in Ukraine and the impossibility of its ‘dismantling’.”

Yushchenko added that this bloc “is a bloc of political partners that believe in Ukraine having the rule of law and freedom of speech.”

“I support the initiative to form such a bloc and will support all political dialogues to form a coalition the nation trusts and which will win the campaign in 2006,” he said.

Victor Yushchenko is scheduled to sign an agreement to establish this bloc on November 25, the President's press office reported.


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