At the Mariinsky Palace, President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski awarded Victor Yushchenko with the Jan Karski Order for his democratic achievements.

“I am very happy we can give this award of the great Pole to the great Ukrainian, President Victor Yushchenko of Ukraine,” Kwasniewski stressed, the President's press office reported.

Victor Yushchenko was decorated as “leader of the Orange Revolution for courageously making his country and its people promote democratic values and for building relationswith Poland according to the principle – There is no independent Poland without an independent Ukraine, and there is no independent Ukraine without an independent Poland.”

*Jan Karski is one of the mostoutstanding personalities of the twentieth century. During World War II he was a carrier traveling between Poland and Europe. He was the first person to inform governments of Great Britain and the USA of fascist atrocities in Poland and Ukraine. Later, Professor Karski taught his students to be tolerant, understanding and ready to cooperate.


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