One of the Orange commanders Taras Stetskiv made quite ordinary and obvious comment on the speeches addressed by President of Ukraine and the destroyer of Ukraine economy Yulia Timoshenko to long-suffering Ukrainian people. Coming out in today press conference, he said he could not find any difference between two key political leaders judging by their speeches.

From what Steskiv had heard he made a strange conclusion, “Yushchenko did not tell what the parliamentary elections would be like and he did not set his position and the positions of Timoshenko and other political leaders.” He was also left frustrated with Timoshenko’s speech which had not consisted of “the very formula of success in the coming elections.” Yulia Timoshenko should send the copy of her speech especially for Mr. Stetskiv.

In his opinion, the “old slogans ‘East and West together!’” sounded in Maydan.

Judging by Stetskiv’s comprehension of what had happened yesterday, the only positive moment of the Orange Day is easy as ABC: “if Timoshenko and Yushchenko keep arguing, mocking each other and declaring themselves the only political forces in Ukraine and forget about Yanukovich, Lytvyn and the communists, they will lose the elections.”


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