Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko was brought to Maydan on hands. People were carring her over heads of those, who came for celebration of the "orange revolution" anniversary, ForUm's correpspondent reported.

Before Tymoshenko took the floor, people had welcomed her with enthusiastic and triumphant shouts and were crying out "Yulia! Yulia!".

During her speech, Tymoshenko noted that if citizens of Ukraine hoped for easy process of democracy formation, they were mistaken. Besides, she warned that Yanukovich's supporters have a big chance to gain revenge now, and that against a background of discredit of the new power "appears a strong figure of the man,  who, as we thought, has gone into non-existence."

Former PM considers that during parliamentary elections the people will elect not deputies to Vekhovna Rada, but "head of the state, in fact."

According to Tymoshenko, the Ukrainian people should pull all its political forces together and realize them during the elections.

Ex-PM of Ukraine declared that she would never be against President Victor Yushchenko.

"I want to refute all senseless rumour that Tymoshenko is somehow against Yushchenko. Victor Yushchenko is the President, whom I brought to power along with you," stressed Tymoshenko during the speech.

According to her, split of the power does not mean defeat. "We may not stop half-way," said Tymoshenko and added that "the process of the power cleaning proceeds painfully".

She noted that "the last year's revolution was only the first attack for the true democracy reigns in Ukraine."

"I would do the same what we have done a year ago over and over again," said Tymoshenko summarizing her speech.

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