In an interview with the Reuters News Agency, Victor Yushchenko said the new government had profoundly changed the atmosphere in society in the past year, and added that their major challenge was to win next year’s parliamentary elections, the President's press office reported.

“For the first time, this country enjoys democracy, freedom of speech and free competition. That means this country will make political progress and take transparent economic decision,” he said.

“This year has not been the worst period in our history. Stop grumbling, for in the past ten months we achieved all we had planned,” he added.

The President believes his political force has will win the 2006 election.

“Our parliamentary victory should be the second triumph after our 2004 victory. There is still time to learn our lesson and reach mutual understanding… We will speak about fair elections with no abuse of authority,” he promised.

Yushchenko thinks his supporters will be able to form a majority to ensure the consistent implementation of reforms.

“Nobody has any chance to form the majority but our force,” he opined. “I am sure we will have our powers and our majority, and balanced management and dynamic economic policy.”

The Head of State said his party intended to start negotiations with other political forces but did not want them to lay down any terms.

“My political force and I are determined to negotiate but we accept no conditions concerning state institutions or posts. These are unacceptable things. We made this mistake once. Our major loss is people’s disappointment,” he said.


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