The Orange team is to come together in Maydan, Maydan Commandant Roman Bezsmertny told. The coalition and the political leaders are to take the floor. The President of Ukraine will end the meeting with his speech. Bezsmertny is confident in honesty and sincerity of the participants.

According to Bezsmertny, Ukrainian people wait for Orange team to reunite again. “They (people – edit) believe in union ‘for’ not in union ‘against.’ The people long for growing prosperity. It may be reached only by the union ‘for’” mentioned Roman Bezsmertny.

The Vice-Premier is ready to say nothing and to keep his own opinion concerning Yulia Timoshenko for the sake of the Orange team which gave the promises to Ukrainian people last year. However, Bezsmertny stressed it would be hard for him to stay next to Timoshenko. “But I will do stay because I will not about the people standing next to me but I will think about people who will look at my eyes,” added Maydan Commandant.

He stated BYuT and NSNU would not sign any agreement on cooperation in the Orange Anniversary. But the Head of NSNU Political Council confirmed the intention to bloc with BYuT. In response to the question about possible ultimatum made by Timoshenko, Bezsmertny said the party tickets would be checked and then the lustration or expulsion would be considered (Poroshenko, Zhvania, Tretyakov, Chervonenko, etc).

Bezsmertny means Narodna Party (Litvin’s political party) to bloc with NSNU. “It goes without saying that there will not be any negotiations with the Party of Regions (Yanukovich) or KPU (Communist Party). We only talk now about possible coalition with the socialists after the elections,” added he. He also does not assume the idea of division of NSNU.

Roman Bezsmertny does not worry about his place in the election party list. “My place will be defined by the party, the Presidium or at last BYuT,” explains he. He repeated again about his coming consultations with Boris Berezovsky. “He is one of the most active participants of the elections of two Russian Presidents,” stressed Bezsmertny.


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