According to monitoring of central and international printed editions, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has become the most often mentioned politician for the last week.

Yushchenko takes a lead over PM Yuri Yekhanurov twice as much. Overwhelming majority of materials about President’s activity carries neutral and positive colouring (97 neutral publications, 92 positive against 37 negative materials). The Prime Minister’s indices are 54-37-18; number of positive mentions reduced, while the number of negative ones did not change.

Yulia Timoshenko continues to hold the third position, though she lost some part of Mass Media attention. As before, negative tonality prevails (11 positive materials, 37 negative ones).

Due to discussion of NSNU session, Petro Poroshenko, former National Security and Defense Council Secretary, appeared on the forth place with prevalence of negative estimates.

The fifth place was taken by the former President Leonid Kuchma. His ascent is a result of Mass Media interest to the events of a year prescription. Only one publication thought well of him.

The biggest surprise of the last week rating is Victor Yanukovich’s “falling out” from the top ten, for the first time since the Memorandum “Yushchenko – Yanukovich” had been signed. It happened as a consequence of increase of number of events in the “orange” camp.

As for political parties of Ukraine, they attract not so much attention as politicians themselves. The last week NSNU was a leader among the political parties. NSNU’s mass media coverage was the balanced one: the positive, the negative and the neutral estimations make the whole picture of the party. Besides, there were no definite pro or con campaigns mentioning NSNU. On the contrary, the Party of Regions and the Socialist Party of Ukraine (occupying the second and the third places) have ten positive points apiece. However, the socialists as well as the communists keep afloat due to Tovarishch (Comrade) and Communist newspapers.

The little interest towards Batkivshchyna is substituted by the great interest to its leader Yulia Timoshenko. The party exists in the shade of ex-PM of Ukraine. And moreover, the journalists mention BYT in case they incline on Timoshenko’s political force.

PSPU (the Reforms and Order Party) and SDPU (the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united)) are the true “negative heroes” - nine and seven negative records. SDPU (u) must worry about this. On the contrary, the first one should be satisfied with this.

Another surprise was represented by Litvin’s National Bloc. Its promotion campaign has not impressed the mass media. The journalists did not mention Litvin’s political force as being worthy of their attention.

Number of mentions of politicians in press from 11. 14. 2005 to 11. 19. 2005

1. Victor Yushchenko - 227

2. Yuri Yekhanurov - 110

3. Yulia Timoshenko - 88

4. Petro Poroshenko - 51

5. Leonid Kuchma - 50

6. Volodimir Litvin - 45

7. Victor Pinsenik - 44

8. Olexander Omelchenko - 42

9. Roman Bezsmertny - 41

10. Evgeny Chervonenko - 35

Number of mentions of political parties in press from 11. 14. 2005 to 11. 19. 2005

1.NSNU (People’s Union Our Ukraine) - 72

2. Party of Regions of Ukraine - 23

3. Socialistic Party of Ukraine - 23

4. Communistic Party of Ukraine - 17

5. Narodny Rukh (People’s motion) - 14

6. Reform and Order Party - 14

7. Progressive Socialistic Party of Ukraine - 14

8. Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) - 14

9. “Pora” Party -13

10. People’s Party - 11

Monitoring materials were represented by IA “Context-Media”.


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