On Friday, November 25, Victor Yushchenko will open an exhibition dedicated to genocide famines in Ukraine, President's press office reported.

Later that day, the Head of State will address the nation to urge all to commemorate the famine victims on November 26 at 4 PM by lighting candles all around the country. This ceremony, Light a Candle, will take place in St. Sophia and St.Michael Squares in Kyiv.

On Saturday, November 26, the President will take part in a ceremony to plant a snowball-tree garden in the Glory Park and on the slopes of the Dnieper river. Then he will attend a service for the dead and a requiem concert at the opera house.
Report indicated that 33,000 candles will be lit, for the first time ever, in the area betweenthe St. Sophia and the St. Michael Cathedral.Historians believe33,000 persons were dying in Ukraine each day at the height of the genocidal-famine (Holodomor) in the spring of 1933, AUR informed.

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