In his third radio address to the nation, Victor Yushchenko dwelled on achievements and challenges of the Orange Revolution, President's press office reported.

Speaking about next year’s parliamentary elections, the Head of State said his political council was now elaborating an agreement on fair elections. He believes all political forces should sign it on the first day of the campaign.

The President assured all he would spare no effort to never divide Ukraine ideologically and religiously: “I will not let any political force to speculate on these subjects.”

Yushchenko said state officials would not abuse their authority during the campaign: “I want the parliamentary elections to be a competition of teams and ideas, programs and ideologies.”

He added that election results would help reinforce all democratic changes in the country.

“I believe each of you will be an active citizen, and in March 2006 we will together choose the future for our country.”

The Head of State also said he ordered law enforcement agencies to investigate last year’s large-scale electoral fraud. He stressed he would consider any delays as insufficient professionalism of law enforcement agencies and said “unprofessional people cannot hold state positions.”

Speaking about celebrations of the first anniversary of the Orange Revolution, the President urged all to gather in the Maidan on November 22.

“This is our day. We proved to the whole world that we were wise Europeans capable of peacefully defeating dictators,” he said. “I am sure November 22 is the best occasion to demonstrate our wisdom and mutual understanding, forgetting all petty intrigues and uniting for the sake of Ukraine.”

Yushchenko also said Ukraine’s international image had improved in the past year: “The world treats us as equals and regards us as a responsible and predictable partner. Ukraine is becoming a regional leader.”

The Head of State said he hoped Ukraine would hear a clear signal at a Ukraine-EU forum to get a market economy status and liberalize visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens.


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