Svyatoslav Piskun is satisfied with the court decision, according to which he has been reinstated in the office of Prosecutor General of Ukraine, but he has not decided whether he is going to work in this capacity.

Piskun declared to journalists that “reinstatement in the office is a matter of principle, but not the desire to work as Prosecutor General.”

Commenting on the court decision, Piskun said that “Ukraine will become a European state, if the law starts to be observed in Ukraine.”

In his turn, Serhiy Holovatiy, Minister of Justice and representative of Ukraine’s President in the court, noted that “the President’s team has lost the first round, but will win the war.”

Holovatiy also pointed out that “judges of Shevchenko district court have delivered an irretrievable blow upon the authority of Ukraine’s judicial power.”

“I would not advise anyone to appeal to these judges, as there is no justice, and no one can count on it”, said Holovatiy.

Minister of Justice also mentioned that the court decision was not a surprise for him. According to information he received from several sources, Piskun agreed about reinstatement in the office with high officials of the judicial power.

According to Holovatiy, the President’s team will appeal the court decision.


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