As President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev told the Verkhovna Rada Friday, he believes a huge potential for development of Kazakh - Ukrainian cooperation lies in the Common Economic Area and, thus, urged on the Ukrainian Parliament to support the organization, Cabinet's press office reported.
"I'm sure that integration within the CEA will strengthen economics of CEA states, facilitate trade and step up mutually profitable economic cooperation", the Kazakh President said.

According to him, the CEA's main advantage is to unite four countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus), which account for 90 percent of the CIS GDP. According to the Kazakh President, thiswill raise the trade among these countries to a new level. "This organization has all the prerequisites for becoming a powerful entity, which will be profitable for all the countries", he noted.

Nazarbayev reminded key points of the CEA agreement – formation of a free trade zone among the countries-participants and embodiment of principles of economics regulation, which are based on unification of custom territories of the countries, and which ensure free movement of goods, services, capital and labor force, hold coordinated monetary, currency, fiscal and crediting politics.

As the Kazakh President told the Ukrainian Parliament, relations between Ukraine and Kazakhstan are dynamically developing "in the atmosphere of mutual understanding and confidence", and positions of the two states concerning the majority of issues of regional and international politics coincide.

As he stressed, Ukraine and Kazakhstan make mutual steps for facilitating and strengthening cooperation in the transportation, fuel and energy sector, aviation and military - industrial spheres.  President Nazarbayev pointed out that  the trade turnover between Ukraine and Kazakhstan amounted to one billion USD in 2004 and, presently, keeps growing.
"Our countries are reaching a qualitatively new level of cooperation, which is characterized by post-industrial high-tech cooperation", he said.

Mr President also noted the high level of cultural collaboration between Ukraine and Kazakhstan. As he reminded, the big Ukrainian Diaspora (more than 450,000 persons) lives in Kazakhstan with 23 Ukrainian national - cultural centers, several Sunday schools, the Ukrainian-phone newspaper "Ukrayinski Novyny" ("Ukrainian News"), financed from the budget, and the active Association "Ukrainians in Kazakhstan". The Kazakh President offered to hold Year of Ukraine in Kazakhstan and of Kazakhstan in Ukraine for strengthening bipartite ties.

Nursultan Nazarbayev briefed the Ukrainian parliamentarians about Kazakhstan's development in the social, economic, political and cultural spheres, having noted that Kazakhstan is ready to share the experience of its development and reformation with Ukraine.
The Kazakh President started his speech in Ukrainian. As he said, he is glad to hail Ukrainian parliamentarians in the Verkhovna Rada, which is a symbol of independent Ukraine. As he said, he has special feelings about Ukraine, as having spent here his student years.

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