Tax police will be reformed by means of liquidation, as declared Alexander Kireyev, State Tax Administration Chairman, on today’s press conference in Donetsk.

According to him, liquidation of the tax police is one of the constituents of the tax reform.

“We insist on liquidation of the tax police and formation of a tax investigation service,” said Kireyev.

He specified that it would be a service, which “must be engaged in the problem of negligent tax-payers, who create patterns for tax evasion.”

In the course of reformation of the tax administration it is planned “to change and modify the procedures of tax administration, to make them more transparent and understandable for tax-payers.”

Kireyev underlined that the reform of the tax administration includes the modification of the accounting system “to make the manual meddling in the system impossible.”

Head of State Tax Administration has confirmed that it is planned to reform information system of the tax service and “to establish an automatized system not for information exchange only, but also for control procedures in automatized order.”


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