Within the next few days General Office of Public Prosecutor will make a statement concerning results of medical examination, made with the framework of Victor Yushchenko’s poisoning case investigation, as declared by the President’s press secretary Irina Gerashchenko.

Gerashchenko reminded that November 9 the President gave samples of his blood for investigation with the framework of medical examination. According to her, “examination has been conducted “in full accordance with legislation currently in force.”

Gerashchenko noted that Ukrainian specialists were charged with the examination also with participation of foreign experts. The examination was made in laboratories of German and Belgium. Such examination lasts from ten days to a fortnight.

Gerashchenko also reported that November 17 President Victor Yushchenko consulted with doctors and took planned treatment in one of Geneva clinics.

“You see that the President has crowded schedule, but it is needed to remove dioxin from his organism to recover his health as quickly as possible,” said Gerashchenko, having added that Victor Yushchenko feels well.


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