Former Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun declares that he has not determined yet which political party to join in case he decides to be involved in politics.

According to Pistun, “it won’t be “Pora” party for sure. I think it is more comfortable with Communists. This faction (parliamentary faction of Communistic Party of Ukraine – ed.) is always right. They do everything correctly. They are right!”

He reminded that “in Russia the former Prosecutor General had joint Communists…” Talking about his possible political carrier, Piskun tells he does not know what he, personally, can offer the politicians, that is why he imagines himself an aid or adviser of this or that politician.

Former Prosecutor General considers that the new Cabinet, which is to be elected in March, 2006, will “decide Ukraine’s fate for not five years, but for a hundred.”

In response to the question whether he is going to celebrate “orange revolution” anniversary, Piskun told he would certainly come to Maidan (Independence Square).


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