According to Ian Boag, Chairman of European Commission Representative office to Ukraine, Ukraine will join the EU “some day”, but it will happen neither tomorrow, nor day after tomorrow. He declared about it during today’s press-conference in Kiev.

According to Mr. Boag, the main task for Ukraine for the moment is realization of the Action Plan, ratified for the period till 2008.

The Chairman of European Commission Representative office noted that “after the basic documents, signed by EU and Ukraine, become invalid, we want to consider an opportunity of establishing more widespread relations with Ukraine.”

He also added that “the essence of such relations will depend on success of the Plan realization by Ukraine.

According to Ian Boag, Ukraine should create more positive business-climate for attraction of foreign investments.

“Exactly the index of increase or fall of foreign investments in Ukraine will determine the level of the Ukraine-EU Plan realization by Ukraine,” pointed out Mr. Boag.

In his turn, Robert Brinkley, Ambassador of Great Britain to Ukraine noted that he would like to observe progress in issues concerning Ukraine’s joining the WTO.

He reminded that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the government of Ukraine repeatedly declared about importance of this question.

“We are still waiting for changes in Ukrainian legislation,” summed up Mr. Brinkley and added that the EU would support Ukraine’s joining the WTO.


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