President Yushchenko pledges to control personally the investigation of the arson of Harfouch’s car. On Tuesday, he declared it in Paris International Relations Institute in Omar Harfouch’s presence. He added he would assist “thoroughly investigation of that case” and in case of necessity he would provide Harfouch’s family with guard.

President of Ukraine thinks the incident was “intended against Ukraine.”

As a reminder, on October 2 President Yushchenko charged Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko with personal control the investigation of the arson of Walid Harfouch car. For the beginning the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine had instituted a criminal case concerning the fact of hooliganism but then the investigation was conducted according to the article 194 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – the intentional damage of the property. According to the Head of Kiev General Department of Internal Affairs Vitaly Yaremy, there three versions for the consideration: the hooliganism, personal revenge (professional activity included) and the possibility to get the insurance. The key version of the investigation is the professional activity and the personal relations of Walid Harfouch.

Walid Harfouch repeatedly stated that he had not managed to insure his new car.


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