At a meeting with France’s politicians and business leaders in Paris, Victor Yushchenko said relations between Ukraine and Russia were pragmatic and friendly, and stressed that our country’s political course was not “a policy against somebody.”

The Head of State said the two countries should have “scrupulously friendly” relations, never encroaching upon sovereignty of each other.

“We should be bale to frankly discuss our problems,” he added.

Yushchenko informed all that Russian Premier Mikhail Fradkov would be visiting Ukraine in a couple of weeks to prepare Vladimir Putin’s visit to our country.

The Action Plan of the Yushchenko-Putin Commission stipulates several issues that should be meticulously negotiated, he said. The Presidents particularly plan to discuss oil cooperation, demarcation procedures, and ways to establish a gas consortium.

Commenting on his personal relationship with Putin, the Head of State said they are of the same age and so Ukraine “has a very intensive dialogue with Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin.” He added that in the past 5-6 months they had managed to improve relations between the countries.

Yushchenko traditionally said Russia had been and would be our strategic partner but stressed that Ukraine still wants to join the EU.

"It is nonsense to say my policy is against Russia. My policy, which I offer to the nation, is focused on the implementation of Ukraine’s strategic interests both in Europe and in the East,” he said.


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