November 30, 2005 the opening of the First national festival of social advertisement will take place in Cinema House. The festival is organized by Ministry for Family, Youth and Sport, State social service for family, children and youth in conjunction with Ad Men Union of Ukraine, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

During today’s round-table, devoted to the festival, Minister for Family, Youth and Sport Yuri Pavlenko declared that state budget allocated 40 thousand UAH for the arrangement. “Other means are off-budget,” added Pavlenko.

According to the Minister, almost all advertising agencies in Ukraine supported the idea of the festival conducting and creating of efficacious social advertisement.

Pavlenko told that “the main subject directions, chosen for the contest by the organizational committee, are Motherland (national idea of patriotism), Small Motherland (Ukrainian town, problem of a modern city, native village), Society (human relations, fight with homelessness), Family as a society base. Treasures of good old traditions (spirituality, morality, happiness), Healthy life-style (youth, sport), Live beauty (preservation and careful treatment of environment).

The Minister is convinced that the festival of social advertisement will form public opinion of Ukrainians concerning problems, which exist in the society. Besides, “it will form certain ethic and culture of those admen, who develop advertisement of tobacco, alcohol and other products, which do not give an opportunity for healthy life-style, but, on the contrary, reduce lifetime of the Ukrainian people.”

Pavlenko considers that it is worthwhile to arrange the festival of social advertisement annually.

In his turn, Mikhail Staroshchuk, head of Admen Union of Ukraine, declared that any person interested may present his or her work for participation in the festival.


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