“Ukraine extremely needs ‘migration amnesty,” stated National and Cultural Unions Association President Alexander Feldman.

Regarding the last events in France, Germany and Belgium, Ukraine should reconsider not only international policy but migration one as well, Feldman told. It is not a secret ten thousands of foreigners work in Ukraine and unfortunately the law enforcement agencies, local authorities and bureaucrats of every stripe constantly extort money from them. To make long story short, there is a huge market of corruption services creating the negative image of Ukraine in the world scene and the foreigners in Ukraine.

Alexander Feldman is of opinion that if the power has courage to institute the migration amnesties (the liberation of the registration procedure and the residence permit for the foreigners having intention to live and work legally in Ukraine) it will not only get new workers but also partially solve the problem of demographic deficit of the pension system, get rid of shady labour market and increase the budget income due to corresponding taxes and duties.

The one of the point of the amnesty may become an engagement of ethnic Ukrainians living in the CIS and all foreigners intending to make business in Ukraine. It will be very patriotic and clever, Feldman mentions. There are must be some privileges for those foreigners living for a long time here, obeying the laws of Ukraine and speaking Ukrainian.

It is very difficult to fight the unemployment under the conditions of the globalization, so, the government should regulate all corresponding processes and make them legal. The new draft bill is currently in the process and the parliament may consider it in the nearest time before the elections.


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