Vladimir Shandra, Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, declared that metallurgy is a sphere, in which the biggest economic recession is observed.

“Our metallurgy depends on current state of the foreign market. Metallurgy makes about 25% GDP of all scopes of industry. About 43% of currency gain comes from metallurgy,” said the Minister.

According to Shandra, annual intake of metal in Ukraine makes 160 kg per head, while in European countries it makes 600 kg per head, and in China – even one thousand kg.

“If we bring up the intake of metal to the average European level (about 600 kg per head annually), 90% of metal production will remain within the state,” pointed out Shandra, having added that his Ministry is working out a special program concerning delivery of metal semimanufactures abroad.

“We would like them (semimanufactures) to be used in Ukraine.”


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