Victor Yushchenko took part in an interactive television talk show to speak with students of Ukraine’s leading universities. During the show, the Head of State said he was going to sign an order to fight corruption and legalize the national economy, President's press office reported.

The President informed all that, according to this order, which is now being negotiated and edited, the government would have three months to submit anti-corruption bills to the parliament. First of all, they should define the so-called political positions and simplify procedures to dismiss officials that hold such positions. They should also clearly and fully define the concept of corruption and include a list of officials that can be charged with it. According to this order, individuals holding political positions and their families cannot manage their assets and have to authorize law companies to control their property.

The order stipulates criminal responsibility for abusing one’s authority to put pressure upon judges and investigators. It also says state officials should not only declare their income but also account for their expenditures. The State Tax Administration will have to control whether all facts in these declarations are correct and formulate mechanisms to adequately assess that income corresponds to expenditure.

The President said by this order he also planned to grant economic amnesty to juridical and physical persons. Any audit of amnestied capitals will be prohibited.

The cabinet has to develop mechanisms to ensure stability and irreversibility of privatization staged until 2004. They should also revise legal acts to promote economic freedom and liquidate stimuli making business avoid paying taxes, function illegally and violate currency laws.

The President said: “I am speaking about ways to establish a dialogue between government and business and get rid of all obstacles that hamper the progress of business and lead to corruption.”


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