Berlin Press publishes catalogues of advertisement, burned-out by customers due to aesthetic, commercial or strategic reasons and by authorities on the grounds of standards and rules of decency.
Here we represent some examples of burned-out advertisement, which got second chance.
1. Advertisement of “The Body Shop” system of shops (consumer goods for women) wanted to say that there are a lot of “ordinary” women in the world. The advertisement was prohibited in America, as the authorities perceived a parody on “Barbie” in it. It was also prohibited in Hong Kong as “naked woman impeded flow of traffic and offended passengers.”
2. Advertisement, which proposes cosmetics for the dead, has been developed for support of “Six Feet Under” serial about death, regeneration and new views of these problems, broadcasted on British TV Channel 4.
The line of elite cosmetics is meant for putting appearance of the dead in accordance with “live standards” - embalming creams, which imitate natural colour and shine, ointments for hiding body wounds. In general, everything for beauty in afterlife from the undertaker's office “Fisher & Sons”. Complainants accused the advertisement of shock of people and trickery of potential buyers.
Since the undertaker's office received a lot of responses from persons interested, court and authorities did not prohibited printed advertisement but asked to avoid similar methods in future.

3. Advertising campaign of “Eastpak” bags in French press was prohibited even before distribution, because of the strong emotional content.
4. Posted advertisement of the magazine “Finance” in Moscow was estimated as dissolute. The magazine editor Igor Mal’tsev said that he viewed the currency as “dancing” and only after the recall of the posters he saw another meaning.

5. Advertisement of Harvey Nichols trade centers was accused by British authorities of irresponsible representation of road traffic and insulting of its (road traffic) victims.
Source: Kiyany

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