Rober Menar, Secretary General of the international organization “Reporters without borders” considers that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko expresses disrespect for international organizations.

According to Mr. Menar, the meeting with the President has not taken place till now, despite the numerous appeals to Yushchenko.

Secretary General of “Reporters without borders” also declared that he did not get an answer to one of his letters, which contain request about organizations of such a meeting.

Mr. Menar is sure that such behaviour of high-ranked officials of Ukraine builds up poor reputation for the country in the world.

According to Mr. Menar’s words, “Orange revolution” brought hopes of Ukraine in the whole world. However, the situation has changed. Commenting on this, Mr. Menar showed a French magazine, which published rather rough article about Yushchenko for the first time after the revolution. Mr. Menar noted that Ukraine started to degrade in the question of observance of liberty of speech.

Mr. Menar mentioned that, except for the President, the PM of Ukraine, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Minister of Justice also refuse to meet with representatives of “Reporters without borders”. None of the named officials answered the appeal of the organization.

“Democracy should be started with a dialogue,” noted Mr. Menar, having added that Leonid Kuchma, being the President, did not avoid meetings with representatives of “Reporters without borders”.


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