British journalist have shot documentary “Yushchenko: faiure of attempted murder.” The film is based on h witnesses of different people – doctors, counterspies, journalists and archive documents. Considering all that, British team has chosen the Russian trail of the case.

The first night of the one-hour documentary has been shown by Czech Civil Television.

The Chairman of Czech Civil Television Martin Krafl said the premiere was dedicated to the first anniversary of Orange Revolution.

The ex-Chief of Presidential Security Evgeny Chervonenko tells about the events preceding the poisoning. Edvard Radzinsky winds off the plot based on the historic parallels.

Yushchenko is the last victim of the poison, the film states. In editor’s opinion, the poison is very popular crime instrument. Sometimes the poison action is unpredictable that is why the Yushchenko case is a failed attempted murder.

As a reminder Ukrainians are waiting for Yushchenko’s blood test results regarding the appointed expertise.


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